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The blog I wrote on the Solar changes can be found below
How Interstellar Frequency Shifts and Solar Flashes will change your life forever

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Great sex, unconditional love, and how life showed the way

9.26.CC.RethinkingGodsUnconditionalLove_873086017Have you ever had a relationship end and then go back to that person after the break up and have sex? Come on tell the truth… yes I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it. So anyway how was it? It was great wasn’t it? It had a whole different dynamic to it did it not? Have you ever wondered why that was so?

Relationships can be a challenging endeavour because in many ways we’re never as vulnerable as when we’re putting ourselves on the line for what we hope will be love. We all have insecurities and preferences and we all defend them and express them in different ways. When you bring two people together with all these dynamics co-mingling it can be difficult to find harmony and certainly a challenge to create futile soil upon which to nurture the delicate seedlings of love.

When we enter a conventional relationship whether aware of it or not, we create a third party structure which I’ll call ‘the relationship’. We have ourselves, we have the other person and now we have ‘the relationship’. This relationship contains the structured agreement that unites us and our partner and within it we place our progressively evolving expectations of the other, our rules, our absolutely not’s, our sometimes but only in these circumstances’, and whatever else we feel defines the unwritten agreement of our union known as ‘the relationship’.

Okay great now we’re in a relationship and it has structure and definition. Oh no, here’s where the challenges start to arise. We have created a very fearful scenario because half of the adherence to this agreement called ‘the relationship’ is out of our control. Here we are in a position where we have great emotional investment and therefore inherent vulnerability and we can’t even defend it because someone else holds half the power of adherence. Therein lies the desire to control the uncontrollable.

So this is where we see possession, control, and so called compromise come in. We are both afraid of our respective vulnerability so we must look to mitigate the risk. More conditions are added to ‘the relationship’.

No you can’t do that
I don’t want you to spend time with this person or that person
I don’t like it when you do this
I’m really uncomfortable with you doing that
Please be home by…

We have now created a situation of mutual enslavement founded in fear. The irony is that we carry on our lives saying this is the person we love yet the fruit of true love can not be born of fear. The highest love is without condition. How can unconditional love be grown in a garden of conditions?

This was the scenario I recently found myself in, snookered. I so sort to uncover the highest form of love yet ‘the relationship’ blocked me because of how it was constructed. As long as my emotional stake in ‘the relationship’ had to be defended on account of my fear, any love that existed was conditional on the terms of agreement and therefore not really love at all. Even though I was in what most would call an incredibly harmonious relationship, it didn’t matter, my insecurities had become inextricably combined with ‘the relationship’. Defending such a fear based structure can be emotionally intensive work, always at the ready, always trying to foresee where your stake in ‘the relationship’ could be breached, compromised, or undermined. Defend, defend, defend, fear, fear, fear.

My mind had become a house divided against itself. The more I cared about this beautiful woman, the higher my emotional investment in ‘the relationship’, which created more associated vulnerability and fear, producing more prevalent insecurities. The more I cared, the more I feared. I was going to destroy us and I could see it.

And so I ended ‘the relationship’. I couldn’t do it anymore because it wasn’t how I wanted to live or who I wanted to be. I wasn’t prepared to see the beautiful connection we had so enjoyed be destroyed through mounting fear based insecurities. I may not have been able to find the elusive unconditional love but I knew I cared about her enough to protect her from what I had seen in myself as a result of insecurities in previous relationships. I wasn’t going to let that become the enduring memory of our time together so I ended it on a high so that the beauty of us would be frozen as it was.

On the surface everything was great so she never saw it coming, nor did I. It broke her heart. I was trying to do something that wasn’t done, end a relationship before it deteriorates, before the resentment and bitterness creep in. I wanted to scoop the huge stack of chips off the table and walk away with us on top.

We both cried, I’ve never looked so ugly. I tried to explain my reasoning but I knew it was almost impossible to understand. Why would you throw away something seemingly so good? It was so hard because I was creating such pain and it would be so easy to end all the pain and just carry on as things were but I truly felt it was the right thing to do for us both so while being thrown around in the rapids of emotion I held on to that knowingness as if it was a little stick of truth extended to me from the riverside, I just gripped on and tried to ride out the emotional torrents.

When the emotions had settled a quite remarkable thing happened. As I began thinking about her and what would typically have been incredibly fearful thoughts of her moving on and potentially being with someone else, all I could think of was that I genuinely just wanted her to be happy and whatever or whomever that meant to her was okay. A deep and profound realisation flooded through my very being. I had burned ‘the relationship’ to the ground. There was no longer anything to defend, I no longer had a vested stake in what was a greenhouse of insecurity and fear. There were no longer any conditions. I knew in that moment that I had finally found it. There it was amongst the ashes of ‘the relationship’ like a beautiful sparkling jewel, so incredibly rare and precious, sort by all and found by few. Pure love. Unconditional love. I had found it where I least expected, going hand in hand with her absolute freedom.

I now know by virtue of my own experience and indeed the crucible of pain that fear can be transmuted into love. It is indeed the Alchemy of life. When all arms were laid down and defences given up, when all fears were embraced did they fall away and there true love stood revealed.

It is now my absolute belief that the greatest love gives total freedom, the greatest love understands that the divine gift of free will must be preserved as the highest priority and not subjugated on account of another’s fear, or insecurity, or limitation in thought. It is from the highest love of my Self that I too now claim and preserve my own freedom.

It is the divine right of every soul to be free and to move through this life as they feel best serves them. So often it is those that we think we love that we inadvertently commit upon them the greatest sacrilege of spirit, that being the subjugation of their free will and total freedom.

Since dismantling ‘the relationship’ this beautiful soul and I have come together as two free spirits to enjoy each other’s company in whatever way we decide to and in every aspect it has been electric. From conversation to sexual expression. We are two totally free entities choosing to share experiences when we feel drawn to do so. Insecurities are far less prevalent because their is no ‘relationship’ to defend. Those that come up are easier to productively process internally because you don’t tend to emotionally react to arising insecurity because you know you have no authority in the name of ‘the relationship’ to question or condemn. In interrupting the reaction you have a chance to face the fear and let the surging emotional wave internally crash, allowing the energy to dissipate and be released. Obligations, expectations, fear and control have been replaced by unconditional love, spontaneity and freedom of expression.

Everything is electric and alive, everything is free. When the highest love is present it flow’s toward the highest good for all and entwined within it is transparency and honesty. So therein lies the divine dichotomy, there appears to be no emotional security in such a connection, yet when pure love is the bed upon which you lie, that is your comfort, no ‘relationship’ with its conditional illusory security need exist.

By removing the cage and offering the canary it’s absolute freedom it doesn’t necessarily fly away. It is however an acknowledgement that it does not belong to you and it’s choice to stay or go is its own and indeed honoured. As long as it stays, so magnificent is it to look upon. It is spontaneous, it is unpredictable, and it is free in its very nature. It is because of this freedom that its very decision to remain in your presence holds you spellbound at its intricate beauty.

So of course this all flies in the face of everything society is accustomed to and it is certainly uncharted territory for myself personally. I don’t know how it will all play out, but that uncertainty is the nature of freedom and the free choice of another. It is however within that freedom that there is incredible magic to be experienced. I know that above all I will no longer impede the freedom of another and in each moment with every decision I will reach for the courage to choose freedom over control, and love over fear.




How Interstellar Frequency Shifts and Solar Flashes will change your life forever

Wow it’s been over a year, I’m back! Here we go…

On this subject to which I now write I am certainly no expert, I don’t have all the answers but I feel exposing this information is the right thing to do because this isn’t going to be something you hear about on the six o’clock news. While I don’t have all the answers, I do live and breath the subject of consciousness so what I do have to offer is well researched and considered. Nevertheless, please don’t take my word for anything, if it resonates with you then great and if it doesn’t then that’s okay too, if your attention is captured why not have a look around on google and see what you find.

Before we go any further I want to assure you this isn’t another point the finger rant on global warming, this is a far bigger wheel of change of which global warming is but a tiny spoke within.

STOP! I feel like you’re about to shut down the browser out of disinterest but please just wait a second. This isn’t some astrological tibet of information you need not care about, this WILL affect you, this WILL affect your family, this WILL effect everyone you care about and indeed the entire planet. This could be one of the most important things you ever read, big claim right? Well given that it will take you less than ten minutes to read this post, are you willing to risk ten minutes of your time for the possibility that it could be the case? I hope so, please read on.

The information that supports this post started coming into my frame of reference about a year or two ago when I began taking notice of the changing tide levels adjoining my home. The low tide mark had dropped significantly in the ten years or so I had been living there and it simply raised my curiosity more than anything else. Then that coupled with the seemingly escalating nature of erratic weather patterns compared to only a few years ago and I eventually thought I’d explore a few quick online searches to see what came up. I was looking for the hard numbers in terms of recent earthquakes and other natural disasters so as to identify any accelerating phenomenon.

The graphs I started coming across were quite extraordinary.

earthquakes usgs graph08

Now I think by now we are all pretty aware of global warming in terms of the greenhouse effect and the degree to which humanity through insatiable greed and the quest for bigger, better, more at any cost is quite simply fucking up our planet.

imagesUltimately we all must share responsibility for that however what I am wanting to talk about here isn’t the greenhouse effect or global warming as we know it, but what progressively unfolded as the much larger picture of energetic change which is progressively developing in our solar system.

Since the 1950’s our Solar system has been moving, by virtue of its galactic cycle, into an unimaginably enormous interstellar cloud of high energy particles. This intense cloud of energy is impacting our entire solar system and leading to significant behavioural changes in our Sun and it’s electromagnetic field. The Sun has been radiating significantly more energy across the solar system and progressively raising the earth’s resonant frequency.

Much of the escalating environmental instability which can be scientifically and anecdotally observed around the world is now being attributed to this energetic phenomenon and while certainly not absolving the greenhouse effect, superseding it in almost all respects as the holistic causal factor.

Now there are two key areas of impact that reliable sources predict as being inevitable and imminent.

  • The first is the dramatic shift in frequency that will take place within the earth itself and its electromagnetic field.
  • The second is the ongoing environmental reaction that will take place on account of intense energy and pressure changes within the Earth.

It’s anyone’s guess when it comes to time frames so for the sake of putting my dollar on the table and giving a frame of reference, I believe we’ll see the process reach a climax within a decade, potentially much sooner. We must remember that this isn’t a matter of whether it will take place for it already is and has been for sixty years, the only question remaining is when it will complete.

In this first post I’d like to focus firstly on the frequency shift and likely implications on mankind as well as all biological life forms and offer some thoughts based on my own experience. In a second post on this issue I’d like to discuss the potential environmental impacts.


The Frequency Shift

Before we get too much into this process, it’s important to understand that evolution is first born in consciousness. The physical evolution of any biological being then results as an out-pressing of the newly evolved consciousness.

I wrote about the true nature of our being as frequency based consciousness briefly in the context of a prior post which you may find of benefit to read so as to better frame an understanding of how evolution is a function of escalating frequency power.

So why should we care if the frequency of our Earth environment changes? Well think of it this way, if you tune a radio to a particular frequency you pick up everything that is being transmitted on that frequency, does that make sense? Well it works in a similar way when we consider our material reality. We, along with everything we engage with in respect to matter, exists on our bandwidth of frequency. We are all vibrating within a specific frequency range which could also be called a specific dimension of reality. Still with me? Awesome.

Now when the changes in the Earth’s resonant frequency reach a critical threshold, the Earth, similar to turning the tuning knob on the radio, changes channel.

This eventual threshold change in frequency will amount to a dimensional shift in our reality.

So what does that mean? That means that the solar system as a whole and the Earth specifically, are evolving. These are very exciting times. This opportunity literally only comes around every 25,000 years as a galactic cycle.

Okay so why should we care? Well as the solar system and Earth evolve they move upward and onward on the ladder of frequency power/consciousness. To use our radio analogy the entire solar system is changing channel. It’s important to understand that if we want to be able to operate as a biological system within a reorganised material reality that resides on an evolved frequency channel, WE must be able to likewise evolve into that new frequency. WE as consciousness are currently expressing in our body as a biological mechanism on planet Earth. Our biological system will be, as will everything else in the solar system, progressively bombarded with higher frequency energy in what amounts to compulsory evolution if we’re to keep riding this experience train called Earth. Think of it this way, if the water level of the ocean rises all that floats on the ocean must also rise.

As exciting as these times are, there is a degree of preparation that I personally feel one would do well to undertake in such times as these. The preparations are simply associated to raising ones frequency of consciousness in an effort to meet the unfolding environmental dynamic so that a transition is as smooth as possible. Effectively we want to pre-empt as much of the consciousness evolution as we can.

The effects on mankind that this frequency shift will have are speculation at this point, however I will share my views of which I do have some supporting personal experience which I’ll talk about more in posts to come. The likely positive outcome will be the progressive integration of our metaphysical abilities. Essentially the frequency will be the ideal environment for the full opening and utilisation of the pineal gland which bridges the physical perception with the non-physical. I want to keep this post grounded and not too esoteric so I’ll leave it at that for now.radplot_strip

Now the difficulty one will likely experience in this transition will be proportionate to the gap which exists between their current consciousness level and that of the new earth resonant frequency. The bigger the gap the more difficulty will likely be encountered.

What happens as our consciousness evolves is we begin to move into a stronger frequency which is behaviorally expressed as unconditional love, compassion, understanding, kindness, acceptance, humility, equanimity and selflessness, among other virtuous qualities. Now what must happen in order for this to take place is everything that is in our consciousness/psyche that doesn’t support these attributes or is in contrast to them must be let go. Think of our consciousness as having a section which holds all our shadow (low frequency) elements, the hatred, the bitterness, the resentment, the need for revenge, the grudges, the jealousies, the prejudices, the arrogance, the unworthiness, the victimisation, and on and on…

As the evolution takes place all of these shadow elements by virtue of their lower frequency are squeezed up and out of the depths of our psyche so that they can be looked at, addressed, felt and then released. This can be a challenging unfolding and if one is undergoing such a process you would want to have cleared out the closet as much as you can before everything gets drawn up.

Think of it this way, if you have ever experienced LSD or other like substances you will understand that when taking these types of recreational drugs you tend to keep ‘Set and Setting’ front of mind. ‘Set’ meaning your mindset, the importance of having the right mindset before taking the drug and ‘Setting’ being the preference to have the right people around you, a safe and comfortable setting. Why is that? It’s because recreational drug users, especially those of consciousness expanding psychedelics, know that if you don’t take this into account and your mind isn’t in the right place, the drugs are going to take you to deeper areas of consciousness where everything is accentuated one hundred fold. So if you are feeling negative emotions or are in an environment that could induce them, you are setting yourself up for a ‘bad trip’.

Can you imagine someone’s state of mind if they were not only dwelling on a few negative thoughts but had the entire shadow of their psyche drawn up and then took four tabs of acid? Shit’s going to get fucked up and you aren’t going to want to be near that person. Whereas in contrast give the acid to someone loving life with a pure heart and they will be skipping through the fields while talking to the butterflies and giving thanks to the angels for love and life.

You see the same catalyst can bring very different results depending on the consciousness it engages. This is why this energy is an amazing opportunity and to be celebrated while still warranting some caution and reasonably diligent preparation from 99.9% of us.

The key point of this post is this: In anticipation of these changes and of our own volition, it would be well for us to purge as much of our shadow as possible in order to raise our vibration.

In my humble view the importance of this cannot be overstated. If the differential between a biological entities consciousness and the new resting Earth frequency it too great, that biological entity in my opinion will not be able to physically continue in the Earth environment. I have written before about Nature’s need for balance and it would appear that the hour is upon us. We are at the very precipice of a new age, the dawn of a new civilisation has arrived. Just as the time has come for us to rise above our shadow elements and purge them from our individual consciousness, we must also grasp the blunt truth that the Earth is doing the same.




If you would like to explore the scientific in’s and outs then I would recommend as a starting point these resources.

Planetophysical State of Earth and Life. – Dr Alexey Dmitriev

The Transformation of the Solar System – David Wilcock (David also has a couple of shows on Gaia TV which has detailed the phenomenon in many episodes if you’re a member of the site

Many Videos can be searched on Youtube

There’s also the movie ‘Solar Revolution’ which is worth a look


My Life Vision and How to Write One

tumblr_static_2acp0ijbo0sgk8gwwk44o800kPreviously I’ve written about the importance of creating in mind a life vision of our grandest reality. It allows us to build not only a clear picture of what exactly it is we desire but also create it in such rich detail that we foster the emotional blueprint and begin drawing it unto ourselves.

I wanted to write a brief post pointing out a few important considerations when writing a life vision, I do hope you give yourself the gift of penning yours. Even if you do nothing else but write it down, there is magic in that I promise you.

Your vision becomes like the northern star always guiding the way, a constant gentle reminder of where you want to be heading.

Pursuing something you are genuinely drawn to rather than what is simply socially popular will give you natural desire and that will always be your most powerful ally. When all others give up and fall away it will be passion and desire that hold you steadfast in the winds of setback and temporary disappointment.

Always write the vision in the present tense as if it is the case right now. If you write things like ‘I want this or that’ then you risk creating the emotion of lacking something and the want of it, in that case you will draw to yourself more of the same, lack and wanting. You want to manifest the carrot rather than the stick.

While a life vision is a fairly personal statement I’ve included mine below as an example but also as a declaration of my intent. You may want to share yours as well because there is power in the shared declaration. As I’ve mentioned previously if you’re stuck it can help to simply imagine your perfect day and then go about describing it in rich detail in order to make it emotionally charged. Mine is predominately focused on a state of consciousness whereas yours may be also or it may contain more material things and that’s perfectly valid there’s no right or wrong, it’s whatever you feel drawn to in your grandest vision of life. May peace abide with you always and may your grandest vision of life be yours.


“Today my eyes open to the glory of a new dawn. Joy, peace, and love flood my waking awareness like flowing rivers of pure life bathing my entire being in the essence of all things. The sense of peace within me emerges from a depth that cannot easily be expressed. Sensations known as bliss and ecstasy come close to the realm of description, yet poor be these words. I feel an overwhelming sense of being complete and whole within myself. I am enveloped in the loving essence of life itself. I am one with all that is.

I am a mind of unmoving unbounded awareness, cognition of the intellect has ceased. The personality has been willingly surrendered giving way to the totality of that which I am. The illusions of anxiety, worry, stress, jealousy, inferiority, social expectation, and the father to them all fear, have been dissolved.

I am a pure expression of life, a definition of consciousness remembered and realised. I choose to serve my brothers and life itself. I am the light of love, the comfort of compassion and the grace of gratitude. I am the poise of patience, the valour of virtue and the foreverness of true freedom.

I am glorious mind, I am defined by nothing outside of that which I am.
I am the lover of all people, yet need no one.
I am abundant in all things, enjoy all things, yet need no thing.

I walk with my brothers and support the rise of humanity. I project love to all I encounter. I am a knight of the great work, empowering my brothers to awaken to the knowingness that they are, as I am. I teach the true wonder of life to my brothers if it is their will to know.

I am this moment, free from my past and my future. I see in this moment the wonder of simple things, the innocent smile of a child, the splendour of a blooming flower, the setting sun behind sentinel mountain ranges. In this ever unfolding moment of now, I am free.

I am the greatest gift I could be to my children. I am a window through which they see an ideal of potential, and I am a mirror upon which they see it within themselves.

I am perfect vital health, I control my body’s constitution at will. I am the conqueror of illusion, the lawmaker of reality. I am transcendent of limitation and I am the master of matter.

I explore all worlds and dimensions, seen and unseen. I am making known the unknown, forever expanding the consciousness of life.

I am Love.
I am Joy.
I am Peace.
I love all that…I AM.

From the Lord God of my being I call it forth. So say I. So be it. So I AM.”



Tell Society to fuck off. Be you and love it all.

What would social consciousness have us become? Thin. Young. Beautiful. Rich. Powerful. Famous. Popular. What a joke.

Have we forsaken those who serve for those that entertain? How do we value those that give their labour in service?

How do we value the knowledge, experience and wisdom of our elders? They no longer fit into anything society values so we shuffle them off to homes and sweep them under the social rug while the youth periodically comment “I love old people they’re so cute.”

Meanwhile we’re herded along under the shadow of this societal ideal forever hoping we might just one day be worthy in its eye’s. Fuck off.

If we don’t meet social expectations do we feel like we are failing at life? Are we forever feeling in lack of these things, forever feeling envious of those with these things, forever outside the realms of true happiness and fulfillment for only in achievement of such things can it be found? Surely it must be so, social consciousness said so.

Even if we acquire the pinnacles of social expectation yet are still ruled by the underlying belief system then woe unto us as the clock ticks, because as surely as the clock strikes twelve they will be slowly taken from us in the cruelest of gradual extractions. The desperate and futile attempts to hold our fingers tight can not prevent youth, beauty, fame and popularity as society defines them from slipping between them nevertheless. Is it any wonder we are a depressed people.

Aren’t we playing a no win game?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with desiring the aspects of life that society values, I think it’s our natural expression to create and we do that by dreaming of a grander tomorrow and making it so. It’s the belief that we need these things in order to be happy, worthy and complete that fucks us up. It creates an enduring sense of lack and inferiority which cripples the spirit of people and confines them to be controlled consumers rather than free creators.

Why is it that we live the way we do? Is it because everyone else lives that way? Is it because that is how our parents told us we should live and how their parents told them to live?

Why don’t we ever stop and challenge it, I mean challenge everything? I think it’s because things just move so fast we just get swept away in the ferocious flow of social thinking. As the crowd steams forward it is hard to change direction when you are surrounded by the moving masses. Yet in amongst the pursuit of social acceptance and keeping up with the crowd, something quite amazing can happen.

We might just fall right on our face.

When the dust settles and we pick ourselves up we might be lucky enough to find ourselves standing in silence, alone, the crowd having moved on without us and for just a moment we are able to see it all for the delusion that it is.

Well l fell on my face a beauty a few years back. At my lowest point I understood profoundly what it meant to have a broken spirit and be a broken man. I had accumulated great material things just as I was taught to do in order to ‘be successful’, a big house, nice cars, a boat blah blah blah yet none of it meant anything when my mind was so corrupted by depressed thought I felt I was literally drowning in my own consciousness. What possible comfort could these things provide to a tortured mind? When there was seemingly no one to turn to and nowhere to go I was left feeding on the grunge of my own mind and faced with a single contemplation – ‘this can not be it, there must be another way’.

Everything I thought I was, my very identity was literally torn apart, my personality/ego caved in on itself. It is my belief that this crumbling of personal image provided an opening through which a greater aspect of life could be revealed. Looking back now, this was the single greatest thing that could have ever happened in my life and it has lead to a chain of amazing experiences and realisations since. I say to you sincerely and with absolute truth and honour I would not trade this experience for all the riches of the world, I swear it so.

I remember so clearly the day in Queenstown when my perspective on life so changed. There I sat on the lazyboy in my apartment. I had closed my eyes searching for a little solitude and to quiet my relentless mind, I turned inward and withdrew to a calm dark silence within me. As the minutes unfolded I found this inner place of quiet deepening, as I surrendered my being to this void like place of calm I had the strange sensation of my head moving backwards, it was like there was a force being applied to it. I at first attempted to hold my head upright although it became more and more difficult, I ultimately allowed my head to go all the way back onto the headrest of the chair.


As I sat there silent and still I began to feel myself being immersed in this wellspring of sensation, waves of light began to roll through my entire being, rolling at me in my mind’s eye and bringing with them feelings of such deep euphoric peace and an ecstasy like sensation but without the sexual element, it felt fucking amazing. How this came about I do not know for sure but once the experience had ended and my eyes opened, so to had something awakened within me.

I didn’t know what had just happened, all I felt was sheer excitement because whilst I knew not how to define it I knew what I had experienced and it was beyond the body and beyond the senses. I knew there was something more, something else. I paced around the lounge and kitchen saying to myself ‘What the fuck was that? What the fuck was that? Was that real? What the fuck was that?” I was so energized with pure enthusiasm for what it was I had uncovered.

Once I had regained my composure, all I wanted to do was share the experience, yet I knew the likely reaction should I attempt to. I nevertheless in my excitement and in need to express it jumped on my computer and posted bizarrely on facebook.

facebook post

From that point on the world of material possessions and social prize had no value to me, no lure whatsoever. I realised that the highest prize in this life to me was peace, I mean peace in my mind. I knew then that the purification of consciousness was the ultimate life pursuit. I knew the only kingdom worth building was the one within me. Social expectation was profoundly flawed, what we valued in society was exposed for it’s primitive selfishness and hollow superficiality. I knew then that if I had peace in my mind then it wouldn’t matter where I lived or what car I drove or what people thought of me, I would be free. I knew that it didn’t matter how thin I was, how young I was, how beautiful I was, how rich I was, how powerful I was, how famous I was, how popular I was, those things would only ever bring temporal splashes of dissolving happiness and in and of themselves never solidify peace in my mind. I knew there continual pursuit believing they would insured I would forever remain their slave.

I knew that my life had changed forever with this realisation. I was no longer going to spend my life on the illusory social conveyor belt, but rather spend it fighting for peace within myself. With this realisation came an amazing relief, it felt as if the huge psychological burden of social expectation and competition had just fallen from my shoulders. I was freed from the struggle and inspired by a new frontier. Since that day the journey has been beyond profound and I will endeavour to share it over time. I have a depth of gratitude so utterly profound that even so much as focusing upon it wells my eyes.

So my brothers, if you have found yourself in a place in life where depression has overtaken you. If you are drowning in sorrow, if you are heavy laden with perceived unworthiness, then I encourage you to raise your head from the murk and mire and rejoice, for within your pain and suffering lies the most profound opportunity. See the social lie for what it is and let it burn in its delusional ashes, choose again and like the phoenix in all its glory soar to heights of true freedom.

You are a great entity and you are enough. You need not spend your life in the shadow of who someone else thinks you should be. Be you, be unapologetically you in all your glory and live in that joy.

Close your eyes…find courage in the silence, allow the stillness to soothe your mind. In the depth of that void, let the darkness be felt as a cleansing midnight. When you go to this place and your consciousness is washed and you but glimpse a peace so profound, so all encompassing that you wish not to return, then allow your eyes to open and so to your soul will awaken with them. Arise great entity, for in that moment a new journey is born.

Part 3 – How to get Everything You Want, Riches, Fame, Love ; You Choose

imageIn the last post we talked about the mechanics behind the law of attraction and how we draw to our life people, places, things, times and events that match the energy frequency of the thoughts and emotions we project.

In this post I’d like to cover why thinking constantly about what it is we want is so important if we are to create it. I’d encourage you to read the previous posts for a greater perspective on this one if you haven’t already.

So often in life we get caught up in the drama of social consciousness which is effectively the common thought of the masses. To create the life of our dreams we need to be able to punch through the social mediocracy that surrounds us and transcend it with a vision of our grandest reality. This is something 99% of people choose not to do.

Have you ever really thought about your dream life, your grandest vision of reality? I’m not talking about what other people think you should want, or what the Jones’ want, but what is it that you feel would bring you absolute joy, a sense of excitement to get out of bed in the morning, the type of life that fires you up and runs shivers down your spine just thinking about it? Who would you be? Where would you live? What would you do and with whom? If you haven’t yet thought about such things you’re surely not alone, but let us inspire change here and now.

How can we create our grandest vision of life if we don’t know what it is? So let us ask the question, what is your grandest life vision? I’m not talking about something vague like, ‘I want to be rich’. That’s not clear enough, it’s not going to create an emotionally specific energetic signature to which you can draw upon.

We need to be able to feel our future with such passion and such specificity that we are literally there, we want to ignite our very being so that it’s as emotionally real as if we were living it right now.

Everything in life is first built in mind. The goal here is to build in mind a picture of the life we wish to live in such rich detail that we can literally feel it, we want to be able to live in that mental creation emotionally. The more detail we create in our mind the richer will become our emotional alignment. Our goal here is to live it in all it’s glory through our imagination. By doing this we literally breathe life into that future quantum potential.

“How can we create our grandest vision of life if we don’t know what it is?”

A good way to start this process and immerse ourselves into our dream life is to visualise how we might spend a perfect day. It’s so much more compelling if you write it down.

What does your house look like, where is it? What time do you get up in the morning? Who is lying next to you? What type of sheets are on the bed? What does your bathroom look like? How soft are the towels? How strong is the water pressure in the shower? Who are you having breakfast with? What are you eating? How do you fill your day? What car are you driving? Who do you spend time with? What are you wearing? How do you treat people? What are your mannerisms? What skills do you wish to master? Who have you become?

The moment we get clear about what it is we actually want, the moment we emotionally feel it into life through our imagination we have set the wheels of creation into motion.

When I was running my first business from the spare bedroom of a Parramatta flat I employed this very technique albeit without realising what I was doing. Each night I would stay up late searching diligently through the real estate websites looking for the right house to buy. I didn’t have any money at the time but in mind I was seriously shopping. The house needed to be waterfront and therefore at the time at least a million dollars. It needed to have a pool. It needed to have privacy. This was serious diligent research. Do you see how this was building the emotional reality and holding in front of mind? I would also look through pictures of the latest Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s deciding which colour and model I preferred. I had a picture of a Lamborghini on my noticeboard next to my desk. I would visit car shows and dealerships and sit in the cars. Emotionally I lived in that future.

A few years later that reality materialised and miraculously aligned almost exactly to that which I had built in mind. This isn’t a special case, if you read the book of anyone’s ’success story’ you will find the same process of creation. Think of your own life and I’m sure you will find examples of how this has unfolded whether on a large scale or a smaller scale. Mind is the builder.

So once you have created your detailed life vision go out and reinforce that emotional blueprint. Research that dream home online, go to the open homes and feel the bench top, read the house magazines, put the pictures on the wall, test drive the cars, sit in them and envision it, smell the leather, look through the holiday brochures, plan out the holiday, get quotes, look at pictures of what your partner will look like, detail their character, build them in mind like anything else. Emotionally ‘be’ that person who has the life you’ve envisioned. Live in that emotional reality despite the world’s apparent contradictions.

When we build a detailed vision of our dream life and we become it absolutely, when we can live there with an incredibly detailed energy signature which we are continually projecting through our auric field, what’s going to happen?

Well two key things are going to happen. The first is we are going to improve the quality of our life instantly. How? Well we are now living in the emotional joy of that which we desire, even though it is yet to manifest materially we are enjoying it in advance, our emotional reality which is the only reality worth talking about has been lifted so we are now winning at life, well done, high five!

The second thing that is going to happen is that we are going to be drawing to our doorstep people, places, things, times and events that will provide us with the same emotions as that which we are projecting. So if you have been super specific with that which you want and therefore are projecting a very specific energetic signature then that you beautiful peice of life is what you are going to get.

The material manifestation will take a little time to catch up to the emotional but not as long as you would think. There are of course variables as to how long this takes and it is directly proportional to how much we get in our own way, we’ll talk about ways to minimise repellents and maximise your attracting power in coming posts. Essentially, what you focus on you will experience, the key is to hold that vision steadfast in your mind. How much do you really want it? Dream it with passion and dare to believe.

The key is to hold our grand vision front of mind as an accepted reality even when it feels like the whole world is trying to distract us or make us doubt our resolve.

So how do we keep this grand vision of our life consistently front of mind? Desire.

Desire creates the stabilising force of focus. Desire is the glue that holds our vision in steadfast focus and keeps it immune to distraction and doubt.

If we look at the people around us and wonder why they have something we want but don’t have, whether it be material possessions or a relationship or an expertise or a career or whatever it is, it is because they desired to have it more than we did. We may believe we work harder than they do or suffer more than they do and maybe that is so, but ‘Doing’ in and of itself will never compensate for ‘Being’ and the only prize for suffering in this life is more suffering.

“The key is to hold our grand vision front of mind as an accepted reality”

‘Being’ is maintained with focus and focus is created by desire. By ‘being’ in mind that which you desire to become, the world conspires to mirror that which you are. Doing then becomes a natural enjoyable outflowing of your state of being.

Become the consciousness that mirrors the life you desire and it will materialize around you. It must, it is simply universal law.



Part 2 – How to get Everything You Want, Riches, Fame, Love ; You Choose

feel_the_power_by_zexo239-d5t0ku5 (1)

In the last post we talked about how in quantum physics there is no physical reality without a conscious observer and that the conscious observer, which is you, influences the very nature of the reality it creates. Let’s now go a little deeper into how that happens.

The name of the game when creating your dream life becomes the mastery of that creative influence which resides within you.

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction right? If not it is essentially the doctrine that ‘like attracts like’ and that ‘‘thoughts become things’. It’s the idea that your thoughts create your reality and that like thoughts attract like experience. If you have happy thoughts then happy life circumstances will be drawn to you. Now the law of attraction is a great truth, however I’d like to put forth some additional detail to help you better utilise this grand universal law.

Now while common understanding is that ‘thoughts become things’ it’s important to realise that what really gets the wheels of creation turning is emotion. You see every thought we have creates a corresponding emotion or feeling in our body, if you think happy thoughts you feel happy, think sad thoughts, feel sad, pretty straightforward. Emotion is incredibly powerful and is literally energy in motion (get it? E-motion is energy in motion, ha punny.) Every feeling or emotion creates a specific energetic signature as a result of the thought or thought sequence that created it.

Okay Let’s digress for just a second. Before we move on let’s understand that everything that exists is surrounded by a corona of light. In certain lighting you may have actually experienced this, it can show as a slight haze surrounding an object or person. There is a specific type of photography called Kirlian Photography which captures this phenomenon. The corona of light that surrounds your own body is known as your aura, it is the life essence or the spirit of your being and envelops your entire body. Now this is important so please stay with me here as we’ll get to how this will help you create everything you want very shortly. The corona of light that surrounds any particular thing is electromagnetic and it projects out an energy frequency signature specific to that which it is.

Now likewise your aura is also electromagnetic and you too project through that field an energetic signature. Your energetic signature is changeable. Don’t switch off now, we’re almost to the punch line.

So how does the energy signature that you project change?

Okay now let’s come back to your emotions. The energetic signature you project changes when your thoughts and emotions change, your emotions are literally energy in motion remember? Every unique feeling generates energy at a specific frequency and your aggregate energy frequency is projected through your auric field into the unified quantum field of all that is.

Okay so let’s look at an example to better illustrate the energy frequency you project through your aura. Have you ever bumped into someone who is in an incredibly negative place mentally? Their energy effects you doesn’t it? How did you feel after your interaction? Really drained? The energy they are projecting is a very low frequency and if you spend enough time within their field you will often be affected and it will lower your energy frequency and leave you feeling drained and down. Likewise have you ever felt down and come into contact with someone on top of the world? Their energy lifts your very being doesn’t it? In this case they would be projecting energy which has resulted from empowering thoughts and emotions and therefore is high frequency and will positively affect your state of being if you spend enough time within their field. Does that make sense?

Similarly, have you ever walked into a room after two people have been having a heated argument and thought to yourself ‘it feels awful in this room almost like you could cut the air with a knife’, again that is the energy the arguing couple have projected into the surrounding environment and anyone walking into the room afterwards will feel that low frequency energy.

Okay so why is this a big deal and how does it help you get what you want? Well your aura is electromagnetic remember and so it is always drawing to it that which has the same energetic frequency. Like attracts like.

So you see, you are literally a walking magnet drawing unto yourself things, people, places, times and events that are of like frequency to that which you are projecting. Cool yeah?

So to summarise, the energetic signature created from the emotion generated by your thoughts is projected out through your auric field and becomes a magnet unto itself. At the quantum level it draws to you people, places, things, times and events that have the same frequency.

Do you see where we are going here?

Ever noticed that ‘the better it gets the better it gets’ or that ‘when it rains it pours’? Ever been on a roll where you can do no wrong, or ever felt like you can’t win a trick? Whatever you are projecting whether empowering or limiting you are drawing more of the same to you.

There is no such thing as luck, no such thing as coincidence, there is only creation and you my brothers and sisters are who is doing the creating.

I have had long runs in business where it felt like I had the midas touch, I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but I now know looking back that I was living in the consciousness of a material success, of being a winner in society’s terms. I had successful thoughts and beliefs and as a result the emotions of a successful person. I lived in a successful mind so I continued to draw life conditions to myself that would make me feel more of that. Often it was almost effortless.

Likewise when my marriage ended I was in a deep depression consumed with guilt, shame, grief and fear. I felt like I was drowning in my own mind, I know many people have experienced this and it is horrible. It only took a matter of a few months for my Australian business of ten years to disintegrate before my eyes, a business which had grown every year for ten years imploded and went from approximately $10m a year to close to nothing. I also found myself in an incredibly toxic new relationship which brought only an avalanche of more guilt, shame, grief and fear.

You see this isn’t good luck or bad luck, I created both realities just as you are creating your reality right now. The faster we all take responsibility for that which we are creating the faster we can change it and create anew. Life doesn’t happen to you, you are creating it with your beliefs, your every thought, and with every feeling that runs through your body.

Most people don’t see the link because of the delay in time between the projection of frequency and the resulting experience in their life however make no mistake it is there. If you are aware of it you will begin to see it.

So you beautiful beings this is the key to everything you have ever wanted. The struggle with the outside world is misguided and will do nothing but bring you more of the same, do you see?
The more you focus on everything you don’t want or don’t have the more you live in the low frequency emotions of fear, insecurity, lack, wanting, judgement, criticism, hate and simple unhappiness. This is what you are projecting. You are drawing more of the same to your doorstep.

Remember most of us have no idea what our dream life actually looks like. Most of us on the other hand have a very clear idea of all the things we don’t like, all the things we wish we didn’t have to deal with, all the things we don’t like about other people, all the things other people should be doing, all the ways people have wronged us, all the things that aren’t working, and in general all the ways the world is going to hell. Most of us are immersed in the struggle to nowhere and are being mentally and emotionally choked by a polluted consciousness. Our consciousness is the only clay from which our reality is created, this is where change must be born.

I’d like you to think about this analogy. Have you ever been to see a personal trainer and they have asked you to record what you eat for a week? Then at the end of the week you look back and think, “what the fuck! I thought I was pretty healthy but I actually eat total shit.” Sometimes we are oblivious to the damage we inflict on our bodies nutritionally until we take the time to specifically look at what we’re eating. Likewise most people are totally oblivious as to how they are literally sabotaging their own lives from the inside out on account of their limiting beliefs, their thought patterns and as a result the emotional reality they choose to live in.

I encourage you to take note of your own thoughts and feelings over the course of a few days and evaluate as to whether they serve you and the life you wish to have.

To change your life you must break the cycle. The struggle is within you not with the outside world. The outside world is merely a reflection of your inner kingdom, your state of mind.

You see you have been creating the same old same old for a long time which is why you feel nothing ever really gets any better. Your life has become predictable because you are caught in the same predictable thought patterns and emotional cycles. To create the life of your dreams you first have to break out of the life you are creating right now. You are more powerful than you could possibly imagine, you are an amazing entity, your dream life is reliant on no-thing and no-one outside of yourself. You are the lawmaker, you are the creator, you are the alpha and the omega. You are the key to it all.


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How to get Everything You Want, Riches, Fame, Love ; You Choose

have-it-allI’d like to show you how, to the best of my knowledge and experience, you can have everything you have ever wanted out of life.

Through the fires of experience I feel I’ve gained a good level of understanding on what it takes to obtain the things I desire. I have also experienced hard times and weathered the storm of loss so I have seen both sides of the coin. I was initially able to create a million dollar plus net worth in the space of three years from the age of 24 to 27. I started from a place of significant indebtedness and I was driving a delivery truck for an average wage and lived in shared accommodation sleeping on an air mattress (If you’re interested in the journey you can read the book here). This isn’t an attempt to create a hard luck story I’ve had a great life, I do however want to convey that when you put the key attributes of the formula in place it doesn’t matter what your starting situation is. When you align the universal keys to reality things happen and they happen as fast as you allow them to.

Looking back and analysing the times of my life that were materially successful as well as the challenging times and then integrating the teachings I have since received I’ve been able to better understand exactly what it was that had me on the up and up and what it was that had me crashing.

Integrating that experience as well as my new level of understanding, I’ve been able to create results in my life much faster and with infinitely more ease than ever before. Not only am I achieving the results faster and easier, I have almost none of the worry, fear and anxiety that plagued my earlier life on both the way up and the way down.

I’d like to share these understandings with you. I wish for you nothing but great success and happiness whatever that means to you. Participation is key. Knowledge is still born, you must breath life into it with trial. Power is knowledge experienced.

Let’s begin with exploring the Playing Field of Life as we know it.

Most people are not aware of the field upon which they are playing nor are they aware of the rules that govern the game. This is what I would like to cover first. When you have a good handle of understanding in respect to the very fabric of life you will be in an infinitely better position to learn how to manipulate it.

Energy is Everything.

Everything is made of the same stuff. Think of the world, in fact the entire universe just like the matrix in the movie. Only instead of computer code think energy. I don’t want to lose perceived legitimacy here by drawing parallels to science fiction movies however the fact remains there are a lot of similarities and I want to convey this in a way that makes sense to the widest range of readers. This is incredibly important so while it may sound a bit scientific and geeky please persevere and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Everything, you, me, the stars, your house, your dog, we’re all cut from the same cloth. When you start breaking anything and everything down you get to atoms which are tiny little building blocks of matter. If you start to break them down you get the subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) which are the building blocks of atoms.

So when you go small enough we are all made of the same energetic elements and they are all connected at the subatomic level. The normal material world we walk around in where everything seems seperate isn’t really how things are. Nothing is separate from anything else. Please don’t fade out, stay with me, everything you ever wanted could hinge on this understanding.

Lets talk Quantum Mechanics.

Now don’t be intimidated by the super science sounding name it’s not that difficult to wrap your mind around. The backbone of Quantum Mechanics can be demonstrated through what’s called the double slit experiment.

Please watch this very short video carefully, a few times if needed and it will illustrate the basics of quantum mechanics better than I can in words.

Okay if you are feeling a little dazed and confused let me try and summarise what this video is explaining.

It is saying that when we look at anything at all, what we see is an object that is built from an enormous amount of atoms which are made up of tiny little subatomic particles. Just as a building is built with many bricks, any piece of physical matter is built from many atoms and subatomic particles.

Up until the discovery of the double slit experiment, we believed that the building blocks of all matter were subatomic particles which together formed atoms which in turn combined to make all things in the universe, that was the end of the story. What the double slit experiment shows us however, is that the building blocks of the universe only become the building blocks that we know and love when a conscious observer is present, in other words, when someone looks at them.

What this means is that when there is no one looking at a building for example it doesn’t exist in physical form. Yes you did read correctly and you may want to read more or youtube more to better absorb that this isn’t a theory, this is scientific fact.

I hope you’re still reading, I know this is heavy but it’s the foundation upon which everything else will be built and if you want the life you’ve dreamt of, this is the playing field you walk upon so I would humbly suggest you understand it well.

So if you accept the indisputable scientific findings of the double slit experiment which have been replicated hundreds of thousands of times over the last hundred years without a single variation in result, then you are acknowledging by implication that when no-one is looking at an object it doesn’t exist in solid physical form.

Once you’ve accepted that, the natural question to follow is, where the fuck is it?

I will do my very best to explain.

What the double slit experiment shows, is that if no one (no consciousness) is looking at (observing) something, the subatomic particles which are the building blocks of the universe, aren’t particles at all. The particles stay in this quantum state which science refers to as a wave of potentials or in superposition. What that means is that at the quantum level of energy the little particle already exists in every possible outcome at the same time. You can’t see it in the material world of form that we live in because it’s in a different dimension where things like linear time don’t exist. It’s a different level of reality that we are only just beginning to explore. When the little particle is fired through the slits, all possible outcomes, all potential scenarios already exist at the quantum level. What this means is that without the presence or more accurately the instructions of consciousness, the energy of the universe stays in a quantum state of potentials where all possibilities exist.

Consciousness then needs to order from the menu of quantum possibilities which outcome is desires or expects to materialise and the quantum level will then serve it by collapsing that outcome into material physical form, and voilà, the particle is seen and physical reality is born.

This can be a mind bending concept so I’m going to hit it from a few different angles to help you conceptualize it.

It is consciousness that gives the quantum wave of potentials the instructions to collapse into a particular physical outcome. I know it still sounds heavy, let’s go this way…if consciousness didn’t exist, there is no such thing as a physical material universe. There is no material existence without consciousness. Consciousness and the material world are inextricably connected, they are joined at the hip because one is the output of the other. Consciousness determines material reality. You my beautiful being are the wielder of consciousness, it is you who hold the power to manipulate the material world you experience.

Consciousness + Energy = Reality

You see at the macro level, the world that you know on a daily basis works in exactly the same way. You are simply dealing with more subatomic particles rather than just the one used in the double slit experiment. Remember we are all made up of these particles, so is everything else, so is everything you want, we are all made up of the same energy stuff. Our consciousness is the lawmaker, the controller, the conductor of the universal orchestra.

At the quantum level every possible outcome or scenario of your future already exists. Turn left at the intersection or right, stay married or get divorced, take the job or resign. Every infinite upon infinite possible life scenario already exists at the quantum level as a potential. The material life we lead is like a video game, it doesn’t matter how our free will decides to play the game, move the joystick up, left or right, jump or run, all the possible outcomes already exist in the code of the game. Everything you ever wanted, everything you always wanted to be already exists, you need only know how to collapse it from the quantum state into the physical reality you know and enjoy with your five senses.

This you can and already do. We all do. Most of us unfortunately just aren’t aware of it so we unwittingly collapse realities that don’t align with our true desires. We have all been programmed to think in very primitive, separated, limited ways. It doesn’t have to be this way. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. You can make this world your own. You can create any life you wish to experience, have anything you wish to have, be anyone you wish to be. You can have it all.

If you will allow me, I’d like to show you how.


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Are you ready? The red pill or the blue pill?

Blog image - the red pill or the blue pillMy beautiful boys you are loved beyond measure. There is nothing you could ever do to change that and there is no possible way you could ever disappoint me. I want only for you to experience as much Joy as you can possibly squeeze from the amazing gift that is life.

There is much to experience in this material world, I hope you go out and experience it all. Keep a light heart, allow your emotions to flow and then let them go. Follow your joy no matter where it leads you. Don’t live your life to satisfy the expectations of anyone else, let your emotions guide you, joy is your northern star.

When you have experienced great triumphs and deep sorrows, when you have loved and lost, when you have known riches and fame, poverty and shame, and yet despite it all find within your being an emptiness or a longing, maybe a deep realisation that there must be something more, you will then know it is time to return to these words for it is then that you will have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Boys I want you to know that nothing in this world is quite what it seems. If it is your will to do so I would like to take you on a journey, a journey that will challenge everything you think you know. I hope that what I have taught you growing up will have laid a mental foundation sufficient for your mind to stand in a state of readiness, willing and open to receive that which I wish to show you.

If some of what you read is beyond what you can comfortably accept or comprehend don’t be concerned, simply progress forward and take what feels right in your being each time you read it. Some concepts will only solidify at higher levels of understanding so there is no need to force anything, it will resonate with you when the time is right and if it doesn’t that is okay too, just let it be.

This will be a journey to a greater perspective and understanding of that which you are. It is a journey of self discovery that I too undertook and still walk its path today. I went in search of the answers to life’s greatest questions. I became a dedicated student of life, a seeker of grand knowledge and a pursuer of my own understanding. I want you to know everything I discovered and have come to know about the platform of life. I hope that my journey will in every way possible assist you in your own.

I have learned from some of the greatest Teachers, Saints, Sages, Mystics, and Prophets humankind has ever known. I have delved into the pinnacle of scientific principle and explored the realms of quantum mechanics. I have read hundreds of books from the greatest minds ever to put pen to paper. My journey has taken me through the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Buddhist texts, the Bible, a Course in Miracles, the world’s most renowned Philosophers, Psychics, Mediums, Channels, Enlightened Yogis and an array of Spiritual Teachers. There is still much to learn yet there is much I have learned. All the knowledge I absorbed ultimately shone like a distant lighthouse lighting the way for the unfolding of understandings and realisations I could progressively call my own. The more I read and experienced the clearer the picture emerged. Like a sketch of a thousand pencil strokes, each stroke in itself incapable of portraying the entire picture yet as more and more are added together a detailed expression stands revealed, it is this combined revelation of knowledge and experience that has become my philosophy, my truth.

Many will argue against, refute, and attempt to belittle that which I teach you. Almost the entirety of mankind will be walking asleep in one direction and I will teach you the light of another. What I hope to reveal to you is an understanding that will accelerate your journey, whatever that may entail. There is no right or wrong path, only that which feels right to you at the time, all paths lead to a greater understanding of life. The only real achievement in life is that which you become.

I began my own search with a totally open mind, I held no bias to any religion, belief system or creed, there was nowhere off limits and no potential revealer of knowledge I wasn’t prepared to explore. I have compiled this writing for you as my philosophy of life, not as a regurgitation of anyone else’s. This is to the best of my knowledge, experience, and understanding…the way it is…

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Fuck it, I’m writing it. – Fighting for Peace

27073266~9db04062ad7e4f890102022c22ee329414e810d2-originalIt’s always hard to put your thoughts down on paper and then submit them to the world for consumption. You knowingly put yourself squarely on the tracks for the incoming judgement and criticism. I’m sure some readers will think I’m full of shit, others will think that I’m preaching, and I’m sure many will think I have a complex of being ‘holier than thou’.

Yet even as surely as I know the haters will snigger from the shadows, I just as surely know it will be impossible for them to read what I have to say without a seed being placed deep in their consciousness that when the time is right will begin to sprout into a greater self awareness, it is they who jump to judgement that I am eager to serve. So it is on that basis that I welcome them now and forever to the words I write.

I have written this blog to date as a means for me to organise my own thoughts and experiences and if someone else read it and drew benefit from it then great, if noone read it I wasn’t concerned as it had already served its primary purpose. Having said that, it always made me feel good when someone made contact with me and said they had enjoyed something I had written.

Up until now I have never written about any of my personal experiences, I’ve always written from an objective philosophical standpoint. I did this because I didn’t want to make it ‘all about me’ and wanted to more collate my own thoughts as I mentioned previously. I think it was also because I was worried about putting my personal experiences out there for fear of the potential ridicule. I’ve now decided to think differently.

The person I want to be doesn’t concern themselves with what others might think of them so I’ve decided ‘Fuck it, I’m writing it’. I’ve been on an amazing journey over the last few years and it’s getting pretty exciting right now. I don’t know where it will take me but I know the desired destination and I feel that this journey is worth documenting, for myself, for my children, and for anyone else who might take benefit from it. I’m going to start writing about the personal experiences I’ve had as well as those to come. I hope by doing so any philosophical conclusions I come to can be seen by the reader in light of the context my personal experiences have given them.

I now document this journey with the future intention of collating these thoughts and understandings for my boys should they decide to pursue the same destination on their own unique journey, I will often write as if I am addressing them specifically for that is the ultimate intention.

So with that said…I begin this blog on a new path, may the words that flow through me serve the greatest good of all who encounter them…

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