Love and the Rise of Humanity

tumblr_nuafd022SQ1unheyoo1_1280The cry goes up – ‘Love will save the world!’ A cliche no doubt but indeed no truer words were spoken. What though does it mean to love?

Love is sadly the forgotten art of humanity.

Who do you love? Do you love your husband, your wife, your significant other, your extended family? But is it actually love? Can you really love anybody without loving everybody?

I know on the face of it they sound like antagonistic questions but do we ever explore what it is that drives us or what it is that holds our relationships together?

Can love exist in varying degrees? Or is that the same as trying to define something pure by measuring the level of impurities?

When our man-made fragile mind holds sovereignty over our consciousness, can real Love even exist? What we think is Love in our closest relationships is often closer to fear.

Do insecurities drive the demands of our relationships? How important is the physical? Is it addictive? Lustful? Conditional? Has the person been chosen because they antagonise the least of our insecurities? Or maybe they give us a sense of power and control. Do they have qualities that we desire and do we drain them for our own benefit? Are we more esteemed socially because of our relationship? Are we just happy not to be alone? Are we getting married because that is the expectation and who we actually marry is secondary? Have we become a slave to the relationship, addicted to the pain, to the pleasure, or maybe both?

Has the word Love become the substitute for attachment, companionship, obligation, dependence, loyalty, devotion, addiction, control, craving, lust or fear?

If that is the case in the relationships we value most it can’t get much better as we move outward in our social interactions. As an individual we have immense influence in our environment with our thoughts and deeds and the intention that lies within them. With every human interaction we have the opportunity to effect the world. Like dropping a pebble in the pond, we can send ripples of Love or we can continue the propagation of fear and judgement. We all play a part, the choice of what that part will be always remains. The world and all that happens within it is a direct result of our collective consciousness, we need to take personal responsibility for our part in that creation.

Who would we be if we peeled back all the insecurities, the expectations, the fears, the prejudices, the pride, the jealousy, the regrets, the feelings of resentment and hate? Who would we be if we dismantled the neural-net, the man-made mind…who would be left? Who would we be without all that garbage and how would that affect our relationships, our communities and the world?

We would be who we have always been underneath, who we were intended to be; our true self, all loving, pure love.

If love is and can only be truly called as such when it is pure, free from fear, what would it look like?

Love is unconditional. Love asks for nothing in return. Love is an entirely outward force given with no ulterior motive, no agenda, and not because of any future benefit.

Love accepts and forgives. Love is compassionate.

Love is ever patient. Love knows no rejection for it requires no reciprocation. Love gives, Love empowers and Love heals.

Love knows no judgment, no prejudice, and no exclusion. Love is all encompassing and without favour.

Love is joyful. Love is bliss. Love is from that which we came and to that which we will return.

Love is our natural state of being.

Love is the binding agent of all things, it is the wave upon which the creative force of the universe rolls forward.

Love is the grace with which the eagle soars. Love is the ease with which the river flows. Love is the sun’s glisten on an ocean still. Love is the spirited laughter of a young babe and it is the fresh gleam from new snow. Love is the perfectly harmonious unfolding of life.

The creative force of the universe simply is. Love, is that force in motion. When we are at one with the creative force, seeing only through our God-made mind we direct that flow. As co-creators with the God force we are destined to live through the language of love, every relationship and every human interaction fused with innocence and purity.

Humanity will eventually find redemption for it is the very destiny of our consciousness to once again become the lord of light and the perfect channel of love. The question is how long? The answer is self evident – as long as it takes for each of us to take responsibility for our own minds.

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